AD-Men: dedicate more time to your job

AD-Men allows you to manage all aspects of your company’s business, from managing assignments and candidates to managing sales and invoicing etc. All information is centralized in a single tool. AD-Men helps you work more efficiently and save time. Discover all our features and see what makes us stand out!

Specialised Recruitment CRM

Our CRM solution helps your consultants and employees boost and enhance their commercial productivity. You have everything you need to successfully develop your business. Our CRM saves you time with your sales procedures so you can spend more time with your clients or prospects.
CRM spécialisé du recrutement
Gestion des candidats

Candidate management

With AD-Men you can build your own pool of candidates. Our tool enables you to manage all your candidate data (contact information, position, sector of activity, mobility, salary, remarks etc.) Use the powerful search feature which allows you to search by criteria or using Boolean syntax.

Recruitment assignment management

Save even more time with AD-Men’s optimized management of your recruitment assignments. Track each of your pre-selected candidates precisely and quickly. Your recruitment process can be directly integrated in AD-Men for simpler monitoring of your clients and candidates.
Gestion de mission de recrutement
Finance reporting

Finance and Reporting tools

AD-Men, an all-in-one software, also allows provides you with all the features you need. Financial and reporting features are essential aspects of your business. That’s why we provide them at no extra cost. Our solution for recruitment agencies helps you manage your invoices as well as your internal and client reports.

Managing recruitment adverts

Use AD-Men to post your adverts directly on your Careers website. AD-Men offers a AWA module which makes it possible to automate the entire administrative portion of publishing adverts and receiving candidates. Everything is automated – all you have to do is read and qualify the CVs you receive.
Managing recruitment adverts
AD-Men Air

AD-Men Air

AD-Men Air is the ideal companion for everyday use or for accessing information when you are on the go: to write a report about your prospecting appointment while using public transportation, to present profiles at your client’s company, after an interview with a candidate etc.

AD-Men View

AD-Men View allows you to offer your clients a new service: a direct view of the assignments you’re carrying out on their behalf. You therefore providing them with transparency and a way to track your work, making it a real-time web-based progress report!. AD-Men View is fully configurable.
AD-Men View
Additional Services AD-RH

Additional Services

More than simple recruitment software program, when you choose AD-Men, you’re also choosing the ENTIRE AD-RH TEAM