With AD-Men Air, you bring AD-Men with you wherever you go.

AD-Men Air is the ideal companion for everyday use or for accessing information when you are on the go: to write a report about your prospecting appointment while using public transportation, to present profiles at your client’s company, after an interview with a candidate etc.

AD-Men Air Tablet

Ad-Men Air is web-based and connected to your database, so you can search, view, modify and add information about people, companies or assignments. For example, you can enter a new candidate or contact person at a company, add a task or document, and track applications for an assignment AD-Men Air is ergonomic, user-friendly and adapts its display to tablets and smartphones as well as PC or Mac browsers.


Access to all the information you use on a daily basis, wherever you go. As always, access to data is secure and nothing is stored remotely. A password and specific user license are required to use AD-Men Air.

AD-Men Air Smartphone