AD-Men, the software program dedicated to the world of recruitment, is continually improved to help make your daily tasks even easier.

Your specialised software for recruitment agencies

We know that a recruiter’s job is constantly changing, with new recruitment methods being developed all the time. Recruiters and sourcers must be even more focused and increasingly proactive in their approach. Yet the routine administrative tasks involved in this work take up time you could be spending analysing CVs or communicating with candidates and clients. With AD-Men, the software program for recruitment agencies, you can focus on strategic, higher-value tasks.

AD-Men helps you automate most of these tasks to boost your productivity. It helps with every step of your business (sales, sourcing, client follow-up, candidate follow-up, reporting invoicing and more!)

Whether you’re a small or mid-sized firm or a major international group, this holds true for everyone. That’s why AD-Men adapts to all players in the field of recruitment. Our solution for recruitment agencies provides you with a customised, reliable, efficient tool for managing your daily work. It was developed based on the constraints of your job.

AD-Men: multi-tasking software for recruitment agencies

AD-Men is a multi-tasking tool that ensures seamless communication between recruitment teams and your candidates, clients and prospects.

The features provided by AD-Men have become key elements to success in your job and your recruitment activities (performing advanced searches in your own candidate pool, managing double entries in your database, sending rapid replies to your candidates, working in connection with social media and other connected tools, archiving your data, following up on recruited candidates, tracking clients easily etc.)

As always, our primary objective is to help you save time and allow you to focus on more important tasks.