AD-Men : dedicate more time to your real job

AD-Men is the HR solution thought WITH and FOR recruiters

Kate is on the phone again... yet her boss enjoys it ! Since she uses AD-Men, she has more time to dedicate to her real job : recruitment!
Benefit from a complete and trusted tool: Leader on the softwares meant for recruitment agencies, AD-Men has been chosen by more than 330 companies and represents more than 2750 users in about 20 countries. This customizable and configurable recruiting software permits you to manage everything demanded by the activity of a recruiting agency or an autonomous HR department thanks to a unique and complete tool.

Stock and share: More than the storage and centralization of your data, AD-Men is a Swiss pocket-knife of HR actvities, and permits you to structure and share your information in real time within your company. AD-Men permits you to work all together and constitutes the memory of your firm.

Save time : AD-Men takes care of all the long, burdensome, and repetitive tasks in order to permit your employees to focus on their real job : recruitment.

Be understood : Result of an encounter between professional recruiters and computer specialists, AD-Men is an intuitive and user-friendly software. Not only does AD-Men include the latest IT tools, but it also speaks YOUR language. AD-Men is well adpated to the specific constraints of any recruiting activity : recruitment ads or headhunting, in agencies or in firms, in single-firms or in multilingual groups spread on several sites...

Latest news

19/12/14 AD-Men will be linked with e-Testing very soon ! e-Testing is the solution of behavior assessment and cognitive skills in a professional environment on the French market.
You will access directly from AD-Men a request to send to e-Testing. The results of the assessment of the Candidate will be automatically attached to his record (in PDF)
29/08/13 Two new HR modules in AD-Men "Training" and "coaching" modules will be part of AD-Men very soon. Enjoy them in few weeks!
29/08/13 A new interface with Corporama Very soon, you will be able to benefit from the real time information you can find on corporama directly in AD-Men.
29/08/13 Enjoy our new website! Our website has been redesigned with new features and an easier browsing.

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