AD-Men : a real CRM tool

CANDIDATE and CLIENT Relationship Management

Pëter is playing golf again... yet, his boss enjoys it ! He is currently negociating a recruitment agreement with his golf partner.
Because, during his or her career, the same person can alternatively be either a client, a prospect, or a candidate, AD-Men enables you to manage in a single database the various relationships that have been linking you to a person. It enable you to follow-up the person throughout her whole career.

A unique follow-up tool of the People whatever their status can be :
- Thanks to an efficient color code, you can identify in a glance, who is currently a prospect, a candidate or a client in your database,
- You very simply modify the status of a Person by simply ticking different boxes: when a prospect becomes a client, when a candidate is hired by a client firm and thus bescomes a client, or when a client becomes a candidate again......
- Keep track of your history of communications with a Person on a single Person record, even when her or his status (client, prospect, candidat...) changes during her or his career.

Moreover, More than a simple recruiting tool, AD-Men also offers a precise and complete commercial relationship managment , from prospection to biling, including the monitoring on your activity

An easier prospection :
- Thanks to the interface between AD-Men and Linkedin, you can identify your prospects on the social networks and download their information.
- You can identify them in a glance in your database thanks to a detailed color code.
- You can prepare a list of target companies for your prospection, thanks to the Selection,
- You can also prepare your mailing campaigns or your brochure sendings.
- Thanks to the Actions, you can create your own prospecting to-do lists and synchronize them with your Outlook calendar,
- Keep a record of your conversations with all your contacts in a target company.
- Make your calls directly from AD-Men thanks to the Click-to-Dial option.

A better follow-up on your clients :
- You can keep a record of the assignments, contracts, and, of course, of your phone conversations,
- You can save all your important e-mails from Outlook to AD-Men,
- You can sendassignment reports in one click.
- You can set automatic reminders to follow-up on a candidate that has just been recruited, or set regular follow-up reminders.
- Prepare the sendig of yourgreeting cards thanks to the "selections"
- Access your database during your briefing appointments with your clients thanks to our inteface with your smartphones.
- And all your appointments are automatically synchronized Outlook

A quick and easy biling :
- You can issue your invoces in a click
- You can follow-up on your projected turnover for each assignment.
- You can also follow up your general statistics : conversion rate on your proposals, success rate on your assignments... Per business, per client or per consultant...
- You can folow-up your invoices (paid, partly paid, to be paid).