AD-Men : a tool integrated in..

... your usual web and IT environment

Having several varied tools is a good thing. Gathering them in a single box is even better. AD-Men is the Swiss pocket-knife of Human resources. It makes your life easier and enables you to always stay conneted... the social networks : Thanks to a strong link developed between AD-Men and Linkedin, suscribe to all the benefits of the social network directly in your database. For instance, you can :
- Search for target companies or for people (prospects, candidates) working in a particular company.
- Find the profiles of the people in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree network,
- Update your database with the information available in LinkedIn. your website : AWA, our candidate relationship module establishes an interface with your website and enables you to :
- Automatically publish your recruiting ads on your website.
- Manage the applications you receive and automatically integrate them in your database.
- Benefit from a Candidate Zone that will enable your candidates to edit their profiles.

...on your Smartphones, Connect to your database wherever you are. At home, on your way to work, at a prospecting appointment or during a client briefing. Internet explorer : in order to download and integrate all the information that seems relevant to your database while surfing the web, the Microsoft Office Pack : you will be able to create precise reportings of your assignments and send them to your clients, or to set automatic cover sheets for your interview reports or your assessments, the jobboards and Multi-posters (Broadbean, Multiposting, Ubiposting) : in order to post and manage all your recruiting ads in one click, Outlook, in order to synchronize your calendar with your database and to record your e-mail communications more efficiently, your information services (Kompass, Nomination, Assessfirst),