AD-Men : a complete and efficient monitoring on your assignements

Follow up all your assignments in a glance

Thanks to AD-Men, save time and get a superior visibility on your assignments.

Follow-up the progress of your assignments :
- A precise follow-up table enables you to vizualize in a glance where each candidate stands in the recruiting process,
- A counter indicates the number of candidates in each assignment, and even the number of candidates that have been called, interviewed, or sent to your client.
- Among the People records, a clear color code enables you distinguish, in a glance, the candidates that are "active in an assignment in progres, off-limit, clients or prospects.
- Create your own to-do list in AD-Men: Future Actions in AD-Men even create alerts in your Outlook calendar…

Headhunting :
- Prepare your headhunting assignments thanks to the Selections, you can make lists of target companies, potential candidates...
- Get interesting information about your target companies or interesting candidates on the social networks,
- Keep track of your communications, create candidate records to increase your pool and note your comments
- Call all your candidates directly from AD-Men thanks to the Click-to-Dial

Adverts management :
- Thanks to the>« Multi-posting » function, you can benefit from an interface with Broadbean, Multiposting and Ubiposting to publish all your adverts at a time.
- Thanks to AWA AWA (AD-Men Web Access), you can post your ads on your website, propose to the candidates to create and update their profile ; and find the candidatures directly in the right assignments.
- You can also send aknowldgments by batch in one click.

Client relationship managment during the assignment:
- Generate assingment reportings and send them to your clients in one click
- No more need to waste your time fulfiling application files, you can generate them automatically thanks to the candidate record.
- Avoid twin burdens : AD-Men gets synchronized with your Outlook calendar , and transfers all your lunches, or the interviews organized with your candidates.

Post-intégration follow up:
- Agencies : You can program reminders to call the candidates you just recruited and the client company, in order to know how integretion is going.
- Recruiting departments: follow up the career of the professionals you just recruited, share information related to their geographic mobility, their evolution and professional wishes with their managers...