AD-Men : your personalized Jobboard

Manage your pool of candidates and search on your own Jobboard

AD-Men enables you to create a real pool of candidates and to structure it as a personnalized jobboard.The search engine included in your database is powerful and really precise :

Your personnalized jobboard:
More and more sources of information about the candidates are available for recruiting agencies or HR departments. AD-Men enables you to gather them all in a single place:

- CVs coming from jobboards
- Spontaneous job applications,
- Profiles on social networks,
- Candidates found during a head-hunting session,
- Client recommendations...

In addition to the professional profile of your potential candidates, AD-Men also permits you to save their contact information (phone number, e-mail address...) and above all a record of your past communications or e-mails or comments, following an interview for example.

Just like a social network, AD-Men enables you to view the relationships linking people : "has worked with", "recommanded by"...

A powerful search engine :
- The multi-entry system included in AD-Men enables you to find the information you are seeking precisly and efficiently through various means : a Person, a Company, an Action...
- You can perform queries on Candidate records, CVs and other documents, and even on your comments.
- You can perform cross-searches on the input fields, or fulltext searches in enclosed documents. You can also combine the two searching modes to make more precise and efficient queries.
- Select a Society, and find in your database everyone who works or has worked in it or in the group it belongs to. It is particularily useful for your head-hunting assignments.