AD-RH is above all...

Close to the recruiters' concerns : Founded in 1998, AD-RH is a company dedicated to the publishing of a software meant for recruiting agencies and HR departments, with whom we maintain close ties : our team -in which some members come from the recruiting business- ensures ongoing contact with HR professionals, and developes AD-Men correspondingly. This double skill (IT and HR) permits us to better meet our users' needs, and to constantly adapt to their activity.. We understand your technological needs but above all... your job!

A team entirely dedicated to a unique tool: As the unique product of AD-RH, AD-Men is at the center of all our team's efforts. For over 15 years, it has been continuously improving. We have always been taking into consideration the changes and growing sophistication of the HR market and IT environment, as well as the growing needs of our users.

A Partnership : Rather than merely provinding a simple HR solution, our team wants to be a real partner : we are always available to help you develop your project, to guide you during your use of AD-Men, and to answer all your questions .

Ethic concerns : As a recruting and HR software publisher, AD-RH is a real stakeholder in the recruitment market ; and as such, our company has signed the “Social Networks, Internet, Private Life and Recruitment” charter of the French association A Compétences Egales. We aim to respect the professional ethics involved in all aspects of the recruitment process while adapting to the ever changing and complex challenges of the web today.