A lot of partnerships...

... for a complete and integrated service

In order to better support you in all your recruiting assignments and meet all your needs, AD-RH developed various partenerships weither they are IT providers or partners coming from the recruiting business : social networks, multi-posters, recruiting partnaires, technical providers, information providers...
Syntec Recrutement In order to be the closest to the evolutions of the recruiting market and of the recruiters' expectations, AD-RH works very closely with "Syntec recrutement" : a recruiting union gathering more than 150 recruiting agencies.

Broadbean (Multiposteurs/Multiposters) AD-Men offers you the advantages of an interface with the multiposter Broadbean. You can, thus, benefit from the easy adverts posting offered by Broadbean, directly in your database.
Multiposting (Multiposteurs/Multiposters) The interface created between AD-Men and Multiposting, enables you to benefit, directly in AD-Men, of the 500 sites, 1800 schools and social networks offered by Multiposting for the posting of your advert.
TalentPlug (Multiposteurs/Mutliposters) Thanks to the partnership linking AD-Men to Talentplug, you can post your adverts on the hundred sites offered by TalentPlug, including social networks, directly from AD-Men.

LinkedIn (réseaux sociaux/ social networks) Thanks to the complete interface between LinkedIn and AD-Men, you can access, directly in your database, the 225 milions of professionals using LinkedIn in the world. You can also complete your databas with the relevant information you can find on the social network).
Viadeo (réseaux sociaux/ social networks) AD-Men is also working with Viadeo in order to offer you, very soon, an access to the 50 milions of professionals - candidates or prospects- available on the social network.

Nomination (Prestataires d'information/ Information providers) AD-RH has also developed an interface with Nomination : the tool that enables you to update your database with the moves and career evolutions of your prospects and potential candidates.
Corporama (Prestataires d\'information/ Information providers) AD-RH and Corporama are working together in order to offer you very soon, the ability to get real-time information, structure your business intellingence, edit your list of prospects... thanks to the information provided by Corporama, directly in AD-Men.
Kompass (Prestataires d'information/ Information providers) You can also update your database with the information provided by Kompass about the companies that interest you- prospect or target companies- and their contact information.

AssessFirst (Autres partenaires RH/ Other HR partners) In order to avoid tasks duplication, AD-Men has developed a partnership with the assesment tool AssessFirst : you can find the results and reports of your recruiting tests or integration questionaires directly in AD-Men.

IMA'DIFF (Partenaire cloud/ Cloud partners) In order to enable you to connect to your database out of yout office, AD-Men has developped a partnership with IMA'DIFF, a distributor, developer and host of Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions.
RFC COMMUNICATIONS & SYSTÈMES (Partenaires cloud/ Cloud partners) The partnership between AD-RH et RFC, the specialist of outsouricing and externalisation, is also meant to enable you to benefit from all the features of your databasewhen you are out of your office.

Emi-Lee (Traiteur) You can taste the delicious meals prepared by Emi-Lee for some of our trainings or users meetings.
Verifdiploma (Prestataire d\'information) AD-RH and Verifdiploma are collaborating together in order to accurately check your candidate’s diploma. This verification is effective from AD-Men Software.

E-Testing (Prestataires Test en Ligne/ Online test providers) E-Testing, Online technical skills tests solution, offers more than 250 tests (Excel, Word, English, French, other languages, skills, finances, IT, etc.) to help you choose the right candidate objectively.