Recruitment specialized CRM

With AD-Men, you can track your business more effectively

Prospecting made easy

• Colour coding helps you identify prospective clients in your database at a glance
• Prepare your list of target companies for prospecting
• Prepare your lists for mailings or sending sales brochures
• Create prospecting to-do-lists, synchronised with your Outlook calendar
• Save a record of your communication with all contacts from a company you are prospecting
• Call them directly from AD-Men using Click-to-Dial
• Use the Corporama link to rapidly create companies and contacts

Better tracking of your clients

• Manage all your prospecting activities using AD-Men
• Trace/Keep a record of all your communication with your contacts
• Generate a to-do list
• Track your clients on a daily basis
• Set up automatic tracking reminders
• Synchronise your appointments in your Outlook calendar
• Edit your business proposals and contracts for your clients
• Send e-mail campaigns
• Attach all important documents