AD-Men V5

Spend more time on your job

Manage the entire activity of your structure: management of your missions, your candidates, but also all commercial management, invoicing…

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Market leading direct approach software

Specialized recruitment CRM

Boost and increase the commercial productivity of your consultants and collaborators

Candidate management

Build your own pool of candidates and manage all their data

Mission management

Save even more time thanks to an optimized management of your recruitment mission in AD-Men V5

Finance and reporting tools

Facilitate the management of your invoices and your internal reports or those intended for your customers.

On Premise Solution

  • Market leading software for headhunting, direct approach and sourcing firms
  • Full functional coverage, ultra customizable and scalable
  • Global management of the firm’s activity with many features such as CRM, finance, profitability
  • Desktop software offering data hosting in your infrastructure or in the Cloud to give you total control of your information
  • AD-Men also addresses other professions such as transition management, talent acquisition, delegation, ESN ……

All information centralized in one tool

The only software on the market developed for direct approach

  • Contact and business information will fuel the headhunt
  • Prospecting will feed the information of the hunters in charge of the direct approach
  • All while maintaining a high level of “Off limit” on Companies that should not be approached
  • The commercial base also fed by the CRM gives access to Companies to target for the direct approach while keeping a high level of “crazy guard” on the Companies not to approach

A specialized recruitment CRM

  • Our CRM solution allows your consultants and collaborators to boost and increase their commercial productivity..
  • You have all the means to properly develop your activity..
  • You save time in your business efforts to spend more time with your customers or prospects.

Candidate management

  • Build your own pool of Candidates with AD-Men V5.
  • Simply manage all of your candidates’ data (contact details, position, activity sector, mobility, remuneration, comments, etc.)
  • Take advantage of the powerful and powerful Search tool allowing you to benefit from search by criteria or via Boolean syntax..

Management of recruitment missions

  • Your recruitment process is integrated directly into AD-Men V5 in order to facilitate your follow-up with your clients and candidates.
  • Save time thanks to an optimized management of your recruitment mission in AD-Men V5.
  • Accurately and quickly follow each of your pre-selected candidates.

Finance and reporting tools

  • AD-Men V5 facilitates the management of your invoices and your internal reports or those intended for your customers.
  • Optimize your billing / finance and reporting processes at no additional cost.

Managing recruitment advert

  • Post your offers from AD-Men directly on your career site, jobboards and social networks.
  • AD-Men offers the AWA module (front office) and EasyPost allowing you to multicast and automate the entire administrative phase of the publication and reception of candidates.
  • Everything is automated, all you have to do is read and qualify the CVs received.

Take advantage of AD-Men View

Offer a new unique service to your customers.

  • Take advantage of AD-Men View and give your customers a direct, transparent and real-time vision via the Web mode on the missions that you drive for them.
  • Configure and customize the AD-Men View service to provide a unique tracking experience for your customers

And thanks to AD-Men Air

Take AD-Men V5 wherever you are

AD-Men Air is the ideal companion to use or enrich your information when you are not at your workstation:

  • In transport to note the report of your prospecting appointment
  • At your client’s to present profiles
  • Following an interview with a candidate
  • Access to data is secure and nothing is stored on your terminal. A password and a specific user license are required.

Personalization, strong point of AD-Men V5

  • Grâce à son haut niveau de personnalisation, AD-Men V5 s’adapte au plus près de vos besoins et de vos process
  • Vous créez vos propres écrans, fenêtres, vous designez votre logiciel comme vous le souhaitez
  • Vous gagnez en ergonomie et en intuitivité par la personnalisation complète de votre interface
  • Couplez votre AD-men avec un logiciel tiers comme Excel ou Power-BI pour réaliser vos K.P.I en temps réel grâce à l’accès sécurisé à vos données.

Additional services

More than just recruiting software, when you equip yourself with AD-Men, you also choose the entire AD-RH team from the recruitment trades. For more than 20 years, we have passed our expertise on to you and we support you throughout your projects, from implementation to beyond.

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