Today’s companies are increasingly focused on the digital transformation of business processes. That’s why AD-Men provides recruiting agencies with a response for this essential requirement. Though the topic of digital transformation has become a pressing concern for all companies, recruitment agencies have been pioneers in this area for many years now.

In an ever-changing profession where responsiveness is critical, information management has played an essential role. Many agencies – regardless of their size – are already equipped with a business tool. They are well-aware that this is a strong selling point in their field, which is facing increasing competition from an ever-growing number of players. They have made a clear decision to be on the cutting-edge.

But choosing the right tool is a key decision too!

Recruitment agencies’ needs are not limited to merely managing recruitment assignments, adverts or a candidate database. Managing sales, invoicing, pooling and managing all the agency’s information, direct access to data, integration with the other technological partners etc. are equally important. AD-RH designed AD-Men as a comprehensive solution to provide the foundation for the recruitment industry and to respond to all its needs. Because being able to do everything – or just about everything – with a single tool is clearly a winning strategy.

Most importantly, AD-Men is an expert collaborative recruitment tool which can be used by all members of the team, regardless of their role within the company, providing solutions for all their specific needs. It provides the backbone for all business processes. And makes it possible to work in synergy in an efficient manner. An agile tool

AD-Men recruitment software is fully customisable and adaptable, making it the perfect tool for recruiters whether they work for international teams with over 100 users, small or mid-sized firms, or as freelance recruitment consultants etc.

Today, more and more HR departments are building sourcing units. AD-Men is clearly adapted to their needs. But its wide range of features also makes it the perfect choice to fulfil the needs of traditional recruitment departments.

In the world of HRIS, AD-RH has been steadfast in its decision to focus on the field of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, providing users with direct access to the features they need and in-depth expertise they can count on.

At AD-Men our main concern is to help make recruiters get more work done in less time, so they can win the talent war!