Our assistance from A to Z...

...And a quick installation

The implementation of a new recruiting software requires a real and adapted project management approach. That's why, all along the implementation steps, AD-RH will be pleased to listen to your questions and advice you, and to carry out the deployment of the software.
From the single firm to multilingual Groups of more than 100 users spread in several countries, AD-RH has equiped firms of all sizes, thanks to a support ever closer to each client.

Data transfer and configuration :
- We take complete care of the data transfer from your old system to AD-Men so that no information can be lost. We master more than 10 software packages, in order to let you benefit from your software change with ease.
- In order to adapt AD-Men to each firm, each business, each user and each need, we help you set your screens, reporting tools, users rights...

Implementation of best-practice :
With AD-RH's help, you can benefit from this change of your software to implement best-practices and normalize your existing processes :
- For instance, AD-RH can help you to define the life-cycle of a CV in your agency or firm,
- Or to homogenize the function and business codes, because the definition of a consistant nomenclature will be a key criterion for the quality of your future queries...
- We can also help you to create the main Word documents used in AD-Men in order to let you be sure that the documents you will use or send to your clients will reflect the image you want to project.
- If you request it, we can develop personnalized impressions that will present issue by issue all the information you want to present. It will thus be easier for you to use your own « Statistics per service» or other « Follow-up reporting».

Support :
At every step of the installation and all along your use the Support team at AD-RH will be pleased to answer to all your question about software.