AD-Men View

With AD-Men View, you provide your clients with access to your assignments.

AD-Men View allows you to offer your clients a new service: a direct view of the assignments you’re carrying out on their behalf. You therefore providing them with transparency and a way to track your work, making it a real-time web-based progress report! By connecting to this service, your clients can directly view the progress of their assignments and details about each candidate and his/her CV.

AD-Men View is fully configurable and allows you to control your posting: you get to decide who can see your assignments and what you show them!

With AD-Men View, for each assignment you decide :

  • If you want to provide access to the assignment
  • Which people at your client company or its subsidiaries will have access to AD-Men View
  • Which information you show about candidates
  • At which step of the recruitment process to make information viewable
  • If you show CVs or other relevant documents
  • How long your client will be able to access this information

AD-Men View is your comprehensive solution :

You send a link to your selected clients, allowing them to connect to the dashboard for their assignments. They will be provided with a login name and password and will only be able to connect to the service for the period of time you have selected.

You also control which AD-Men users at your company will be allowed to authorize clients to view assignments.