AD-RH, in step with recruiters

Founded in 1998, AD-RH is a company dedicated to making specialised software for recruitment agencies and Human Resources departments with whom we work very closely.

As a publisher of recruitment software and a full-fledged player in the recruitment market, AD-RH adheres to the “Social Media, Internet, Privacy and Recruitment” charter created by the French association, “A Compétences Egales”. We therefore strive to help you take candidates’ skills into account throughout the recruitment process, while helping you adapt to the ever changing and complex social challenges of the web today.

We now have over 470 clients from some fifteen countries! Over 3700 people use AD-Men worldwide!

Our team is at your service

A team dedicated to a single product: Our team works exclusively on AD-Men. We have been striving for the continual optimisation of AD-Men for over 20 years. By taking account of the changing and increasingly complex nature of the RH market and the IT and web environment, along with the growing needs of our users.

Beyond simply providing an HR solution, our team aims to be your partner, working closely with you on your project and guiding you throughout your use of AD-Men.

Our functional team of former recruiters are happy to advise you about how to best use the tool depending on your internal processes.
We have a thorough understanding of your work and support you throughout your projects.

In 2017, AD-RH joined the Aktor group.

Aktor Interactive, a company based in Lyon, which specialises in employer image and talent acquisition issues in France and worldwide, has today announced the acquisition of AD-RH, the Paris-based publisher of AD-Men, the most-widely used integrated software solution for recruitment agencies in France. AD-RH is also used extensively by professionals involved in delegating experts and internal HR departments.

This merger will enable Kioskemploi, a software publishing company and subsidiary of Aktor, to develop and strengthen its rapidly-growing recruitment software solution activities under the Gestmax brand name. The group hopes to benefit from this acquisition to develop natural synergy while drawing on the complimentary expertise of the two companies.

In more precise terms, the primary objective will be to share experience and boost efforts to develop new recruitment technologies of the future, especially through new solutions for identifying and qualifying candidates using social media, and better interoperability between software programs and a company’s entire information system.