AD-Men simplifies your candidate management

With Ad-Men you can create a complete candidate pool and organise it in a personalized candidate database. A database built on a powerful, highly precise research engine.

Your personalised CV library

  • Use CV recognition to Integrate all your candidates in AD-Men.
  • Follow your contacts’ career advancement
  • Keep a record of all your communication with your contacts
  • Code your candidates precisely (position, sector, specialism, mobility, availability etc.)
  • Send e-mails from AD-Men to one or several recipients and track them in your database
  • Use the link with the Office Windows Package (synchronise your appointments with Outlook, link between AD-Men and Word/Excel etc.)

A powerful search module

  • Source your candidates in AD-Men using a powerful search engine (by criteria or keyword)
  • Use the cross-searching feature for input fields
  • Perform queries on candidate records, CVs and other documents as well as your own notes
  • Find out who works or has worked in a target company or the group it belongs to, simply by opening the company record
  • The multi-entry system allows you to find the information you need, precisely and effectively
  • Record your queries for later use

In addition to information about your potential candidates’ career history, AD-Men also allows you to save their contact information (telephone number, email address etc.) and most importantly, your conversations and remarks following a qualification interview for example.

You can also visualise people’s contacts, as on social media sites: “has worked with,” “is recommended by”

Choose AD-Men candidate management.