Finance & Reporting

With AD-Men, you can also manage your client invoicing

Create your own invoices in AD-Men and do everything with a single software program. More than just recruitment software, AD-Men was designed to be a comprehensive management tool for recruitment agencies AD-Men enables you to build a complete dashboard for your business.

Manage invoicing with peace of mind

  • Access to financial information is protected by precise user rights
  • Personalize your invoices
  • Manage your business’s financial forecasting
  • Manage client payments and reminders
  • Manage distribution of turnover
  • Manage costs associated with assignments
  • Manage purchasing of services

You can even use AD-Men to manage the distribution of turnover with the various parties involved if you so desire.

At-a-glance information about your projected turnover for an assignment or for a certain period, by consultant, by sector, by assignment etc.

AD-Men also allows you to publish financial reports (by segment: individual, team, country etc.), assignment follow-up reports and business management reports (monitoring of performance indicators).

Perform precise queries or publish financial statements to compile statistics about the conversion rate of your proposals, the success rate of your assignments Use the “project mode” to calculate the cost and time spent on each of your assignments.