With AD-Men, you can save time

and have greater visibility of your recruitment assignments.

Follow the status of your assignment

  • Precisely track the progress of each candidate
  • Write notes about your communication with candidates
  • Publish personalized candidate files
  • Send personalised acknowledgements of receipt
  • Create your own to-do lists in AD-Men: future tasks in AD-Men even create Outlook alerts for you

Post-integration follow-up:

Agencies : Schedule reminders to call your recently-recruited candidates and clients to see how the integration process is going.

Company recruitment departments: Follow the progress of recently-integrated staff, share information about his/her mobility, advancement, aspirations etc. with operational staff.

Direct approach and head hunting:

Prepare your assignments using selections, by listing your target companies, potential candidates, people to source etc

Use social media to gather useful information about your target companies or candidates of interest and keep a record of your communication.